A tax-smart way to donate to Living Edge is to donate publicly-traded shares of a stock or a mutual fund which have appreciated in value.    Donating the securities directly to a Canadian registered charity saves the donor the tax on the capital gain that would otherwise be payable if the securities were sold.  A tax receipt equal to the full fair market value of the securities on the date of receipt by Living Edge will be provided.

When you consider making a gift of securities instead of cash, you may be able to make a larger gift than you thought possible. Your support through a gift of shares would have a wonderful impact on the food security programs delivered by Living Edge.

To provide a donation to Living Edge in this way, please contact your broker or investment representative and ask them to complete a form for a charitable donation of securities in kind. Include the following information for the Living Edge part:

Receiving Institution Name: TD DIRECT INVESTING


CRA Charity Registration Number: 82625 6539 RR0001

Account Number: 20J2W0A

Receiving Institution CUID or DTC: GIST

Contact Name: Transfers Dept.

Fax Number: (877) 639-4547

Phone Number: (800) 465-5463

When a donation of securities has been initiated, please contact the treasurer by email at [email protected] to notify us that a donation is on its way

Donations of securities to more than one charity can also be accomplished by donating securities to a foundation that is set up for the purpose of supporting other Canadian charities.  One such foundation is our donation partner Chimp (Charitable Impact Foundation).  More information is available at:

CanadaHelps will also support multi-charity donations including donation of securities.


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