How We Started

When Pastor Neil van Heerden moved to Victoria from South Africa, he realized there were a lot of people in downtown Victoria who needed food. He immediately gathered food once a week from grocery stores and handed it out to people from the trunk of his car.

Things have changed a bit as to how we are able to gather and distribute food. Living Edge works in collaboration with Food Share Network, Mustard Seed Food Bank and the Salvation Army to secure food from grocery stores and other food providers. Pre-COVID, Living Edge had ten neighbourhood free-food markets throughout the CRD. During COVID, the organization has seven markets in operation. For a schedule of our markets check out our calendar.


Neil van Heerden

Our Board of Directors


David Dawson



Jan Mott


Brian Dunn


To contact our Board of Directors:   [email protected]

To become a member of Living Edge Community:  Membership Application

Our Staff

All of our staff and contractors go above and beyond, driven by a passion of the organization to eliminate food inequality in the Capital. We are so grateful for all of the little and big things they do to keep our organization running.

Neil van Heerden

Executive Director

Doug Sunray

Neighbourhood Market Coordinator, Driver

Terry Hopkins

Neighbourhood Market Coordinator, Driver

Deborah Price

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Klein

Fund Development Coordinator