Lent and 3 Things Afoot


We believe in feasting at Matthew 25 Initiative. It is a way of contending for shalom, savoring the beauty of God, enjoying taste and smell and abundance both literally and figuratively. It is prophetic work as we stand amidst scarcity, suffering and poverty in our North American communities.

"It is not unusual for someone who is poor to have not eaten a piece of fruit for a month."
Neil+ Van Heerden, M25i Farmer's Market practitioner in Canada

We believe in God's insistent heart for the vulnerable, whether a child at risk of abuse or the young man struggling to get his GED whether it's creation's devastation or the woman looking for shampoo and toothpaste because the food pantry doesn't stock it, even though she knows that her likely path towards a "dental end" will be early extraction of all her teeth because she just can't pay for dental care. But she wants to try a little bit with the new toothpaste.